Environmental Responsibility

As an entity of the state of California, The Big Fresno Fair takes great pride in its “Clean & Green” programs to become a more environmentally-friendly partner within the region. Over the past several years new programs and policies have been successfully implemented to continue growing the Fair’s “Clean & Green” efforts and they include:

Rubber Recycling
The Fair saved nearly 13,000 tires from being dumped into  California landfills by utilizing various tire-derived rubber flooring products that were installed in buildings and other areas on grounds, such as the paddock.
Solar Panels
The Fair installed a $5 million photovoltaic system project in 2007, which included more than 14,000 solar panels. This is one of the largest solar panel projects in the entire Fair industry, which helps produce 800KW of its own electricity daily!
Electronic Recycling
In 2006, the Fair became the first fairgrounds facility in California to serve as a collection site for electronic waste. It is illegal to dump electronic waste into landfills, so the Fair provides a convenient and free place for Fresno County residents to dispose of their electronic waste each month. Since 2006, more than 120 TONS of electronic waste have been collected!

Cardboard/Plastic Recycling
The Fair recycles cardboard, paper and plastic during Fair-time as the waste on grounds increases exponentially. On a smaller scale the Fair also actively recycles concrete, oil, grass clippings, tree trimmings and much more!

Grounds Improvements
Since 2006, the Fair has planted more than 4,100 new trees in and around the horse racing track and on Maple Avenue. Additionally, more than two and a half miles of pop-up sprinklers were installed in the Infield Area for the new grass surface, which has helped reduce the amount of dust in the environment and significantly cut down on the amount of water used to keep the dust out of the air.