Roseanne Barr Cancels Show Due to Scheduling Conflict

We have been informed that due to a conflict with the performance date that was overlooked, she will not be able to perform at the 2019 Big Fresno Fair. Please see the statement below from her team.

Due to scheduling issues, Roseanne Barr will not be able to perform at The Big Fresno Fair on October 8, 2019. The performance date falls on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism, which was inadvertently missed when scheduling the show. She was very much looking forward to the performance and is grateful to her fans who purchased tickets to come see her return to the stage. Roseanne hopes it can be rescheduled in the future.” – James Moore, Publicist for Roseanne Barr

Anyone who had purchased a Roseanne Barr ticket will have those automatically refunded by Friday, June 28. They were notified of this process today via email.

If anyone won tickets through a promotional giveaway by the Fair or any of our radio or promotional partners, those tickets do not have to be returned, they can just be discarded. Any admission tickets received with those promotional Roseanne Barr tickets are still valid and those individuals are welcome to use them.

Thank you to all for understanding the nature of the entertainment industry and the fact that cancellations like this do occur on occasion. We look forward to you still joining us at the 2019 Big Fresno Fair, Oct 2 – 14.

For questions, please call (559) 650-FAIR.


Big Fresno Fair Management Team

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