Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Carnival!

The bright lights of the carnival go hand in hand with fairs. The iconic Ferris Wheel providing that perfect photo backdrop. The roller-coasters filling the air with the sounds of delightful screams from thrill seekers. Or the child walking around, beaming with pride as they carry the giant stuffed animal just won for them. Carnivals are more than bright lights – they are an experience of joy that create memories for many years to come!


We are grateful to have family-owned Butler Amusements run our carnival at The Big Fresno Fair for more than 25 years. To know the devastating impact that this year has had on them, their company and their staff – and all the carnival providers throughout the nation – hurts our hearts. They are family. We are a fair family. And we are hopeful that we will rise out of this together. Here’s to hopefully seeing you in October with the lights of the carnival shining bright.

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