The Fresno County Historical Museum Gets 3 New Historic Signs Added to Exhibit

The Fresno County Historical Museum is adding three historic signs to its collection! Fairgoers will now be able to see signs from The Fresno Bee, Dan Day Pontiac, and Winton’s Vista Pharmacy.


The Fresno Bee, located on E St. near downtown Fresno, closed their doors in February 2020. The building was built in the early 1970s as a production facility which housed the pressroom and circulation departments. The current Bee building is now closed and for sale. Recently, the publication made the move to relocate into the Bitwise 41 building, located on Ventura and R streets.


The old Dan Day Pontiac Dealership sign was recently donated by Jim and Debbie Christian. The dealership used to be located in downtown Fresno. Now, the vintage piece will live in the garden of neon signs surrounding the Paul Paul Theater!


Winton’s Vista Pharmacy was a staple in Southeast Fresno since 1932. The Winton family who owned the drugstore made the difficult decision to close their doors in 2018. The family has donated their original sign to the Fresno County Historical Museum to join the other dozens of historic signs around the Paul Paul Theater.


One thought on “The Fresno County Historical Museum Gets 3 New Historic Signs Added to Exhibit”

  1. Wow, this is actually a significant contribution to the collection. And it is very important that there really is a lot to be transferred to the museum, and not to private collections where these beautiful signs disappear. I would also really like these signs to not be restored at all. Because it is immediately felt that this little thing is old and is such simply because it is old. And this is actually not bad. It would be possible to put a replica next to it in good condition.

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