The Fresno County Historical Museum Gets 3 New Historic Signs Added to Exhibit

The Fresno County Historical Museum is adding three historic signs to its collection! Fairgoers will now be able to see signs from The Fresno Bee, Dan Day Pontiac, and Winton’s Vista Pharmacy.


The Fresno Bee, located on E St. near downtown Fresno, closed their doors in February 2020. The building was built in the early 1970s as a production facility which housed the pressroom and circulation departments. The current Bee building is now closed and for sale. Recently, the publication made the move to relocate into the Bitwise 41 building, located on Ventura and R streets.


The old Dan Day Pontiac Dealership sign was recently donated by Jim and Debbie Christian. The dealership used to be located in downtown Fresno. Now, the vintage piece will live in the garden of neon signs surrounding the Paul Paul Theater!


Winton’s Vista Pharmacy was a staple in Southeast Fresno since 1932. The Winton family who owned the drugstore made the difficult decision to close their doors in 2018. The family has donated their original sign to the Fresno County Historical Museum to join the other dozens of historic signs around the Paul Paul Theater.


Next Stop, The Big Fresno Fair!

Built by the Saint Louis Car Company in 1922, the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation’s Birney Safety Car #143, was originally Fresno Traction #68.

All aboard! During 1903, trolleys and street cars began to rattle the city streets of Fresno from the San Joaquin River through the Fig Garden area to downtown Fresno and along Huntington Boulevard to Sunnyside! Streetcars were a reliable source of transportation around town for 36 years.


Now after more than 100 years, Fairgoers will have the opportunity to see the front end of one of these historic trolley cars and take great shots with a part of Fresno’s history in the Museum Park area at the Fresno Fairgrounds! Snap a picture of history and take a closer look at what commuting was like while visiting the 2020 Big Fresno Fair, October 8-12, 14-18!

Three New Exhibits Added to Museum’s Community Cultural Center!

Three new exhibits are being built and installed in the Fresno County Historical Museum’s Community Cultural Center that will be debuted at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair. There will be a new Italian exhibit (pictured in rendering), as well as Jewish and Russian-German exhibits. These three new exhibits join the Hmong, African American, Japanese, Sikh and Mexican-American cultural exhibits already on display for the community to enjoy! All this is part of the larger, award-winning Fresno County Historical Museum that first debuted in 2015! Be sure to come, see and learn from it during your visit to the 2020 Big Fresno Fair, October 8-12, 14-18!


Click here to learn more about the Fresno County Historical Museum.

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Exhibit Local Success

Fairgrounds are meant to showcase the best of the best in a community, share its successes and be a source of community pride. At the Fresno Fairgrounds we consider this role a top honor. Whether we are showcasing community history in our Fresno County Historical Museum or honoring the #1 Ag-producing region in the world with our 32 ft. tall Tractor Tree that was featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Beyond the Bizarre Fall 2019 book to all the other ways we honor our incredible Fresno County community – it is something so important to us and an honor to continue to do.


We appreciate all those fairgrounds that continuously showcase and honor local successes in their community! Continue to lift one another up this Fairgrounds Appreciation Month!

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Agriculture

Fairs were built on the foundation of agriculture. The Big Fresno Fair started in 1882 as a 5-day event with horse racing, livestock and produce displays. Now, 138 years later, the Wells Fargo Agriculture Building is one of the largest in the Western US, drawing visitors from around the world each October. Showcasing the abundance of agriculture in the #1 Ag producing county in the world, it is a source of pride for Fresno County communities whose volunteers work hard to put together their displays for judging and for the community to enjoy and learn.


Fairs also serve as a connection point between agriculture and our urban populations – showcasing the extensive varieties of fruits and vegetables grown by hardworking farmers; providing the chance to learn about characteristics of different varieties and seeing how things grow.


For this and so much more we are grateful for fairs throughout the state, nation and world. We hope you are too. Join us and show your appreciation for the incredible way fairs and fairgrounds serve their communities.

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Carnival!

The bright lights of the carnival go hand in hand with fairs. The iconic Ferris Wheel providing that perfect photo backdrop. The roller-coasters filling the air with the sounds of delightful screams from thrill seekers. Or the child walking around, beaming with pride as they carry the giant stuffed animal just won for them. Carnivals are more than bright lights – they are an experience of joy that create memories for many years to come!


We are grateful to have family-owned Butler Amusements run our carnival at The Big Fresno Fair for more than 25 years. To know the devastating impact that this year has had on them, their company and their staff – and all the carnival providers throughout the nation – hurts our hearts. They are family. We are a fair family. And we are hopeful that we will rise out of this together. Here’s to hopefully seeing you in October with the lights of the carnival shining bright.

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Diversity

Fairgrounds are a place where people from all cultures and backgrounds come together in celebration. At The Big Fresno Fair – and at fairs throughout the US – that diversity is not only celebrated, but showcased! Whether that is through music, dancing, art, food or more…diversity is one of the many things that make fairs and fairgrounds special. So today, in honor of Fairgrounds Appreciation Month we salute the diversity that is celebrated at fairs throughout the US – and especially at our Big Fresno Fair!

Its National Raisin Day!

Happy National Raisin Day! Did you know that on approximately 200,000 acres, the 2,000 California Raisin growers produce 100% of the U.S. raisins in an area within a 60 mile radius of Fresno? 


Be sure to take a look around the Wells Fargo Agriculture Building to check out the amazing grape and raisin displays, along with other produce grown right in our backyard at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!


Let’s all do our part to keep social distancing NOW and follow good healthy habits so we can curb this virus and see you all at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!

Calling all Sewers! Help make masks for Our Medical Personnel!

Calling all Home Arts exhibitors, Junior exhibitors and all crafters in the community! Our medical community needs us! Please consider putting your sewing skills to work.  This is our chance to stay home and sew for good! Let’s join forces and help arm medical personnel on the front line of COVID-19 with the safety gear they need!


Community Medical Centers are now accepting home sewn masks in the Sarah Maker pattern as approved by the CDC. Click here for instructions and a video tutorial to start today!


Once you have a supply to donate, simply call (559) 724-4343 or email: From there, instructions will be given on where and when to deliver them.

Day Four of National Ag Week – Baby Boom Area in Ag Ventureland

For day four of National Ag Week, we’re highlighting the Baby Boom area! Were you able to check out the Baby Boom area in Ag Ventureland Sponsored by Boot Barn and CalViva Health? In this area you will see baby goats, pigs and more! Did you know there were 41 pregnant sheep (ewes) at the 2019 Big Fresno Fair and 75 lambs were born on sight? Be sure to check out this Fair favorite at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!


Let’s all do our part to keep social distancing NOW and follow good healthy habits so we can curb this virus and see you all at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!