Do Your Part! Wash Up, Back Up and Mask Up!

The Big Fresno Fair and the Fresno County Department of Public Health want you to do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community by following these three golden rules:


✔ Wash Up

✔ Back Up to 6ft. of social distance

✔ Mask Up with proper face coverings over your nose and mouth!


Together we can fight COVID-19, keeping each other and our community safe! So don’t forget: Wash Up, Back Up, Mask Up!

United We Can Get Through This! Wear Your Mask. Follow Guidelines.

Each of our actions impacts every one of us. You can make a difference by wearing your mask, washing your hands when you should and stay home if you’re sick. Living United is the only way that we as a community can get through these difficult times. Help our community by rising together to stop the spread of COVID-19.  We can come back from this and be better than we were before!


Let’s All Do Our Part to Stay Healthy, Happy and Hopeful!

You can do your part to help by staying HEALTHY, HAPPY & HOPEFUL! Together, we can help keep our community safe by staying home if you’re sick, wear a face covering such as a mask or face shield, wash and sanitize your hands, and keep a 6 ft. social distance from others!

Wear a Mask, It’s Not Too Much to Ask!

Larry Powell at Peoples Church, the Fresno County Department of Public Health and The Big Fresno Fair want YOU to do the right thing! Let’s come together and show Fresno CAN help make a difference by protecting yourself and others. Remember to stay home if you’re sick, wear a face covering when in public, social distance by keeping 6 feet apart and wash your hands!


Social Distancing Guidelines – Fair Edition!

If you’re out getting your essentials, remember to social distance! You can stay 6 Colossal Corn Dogs apart, 8 blue ribbons apart, 2 large pigs apart, 5 carnival prizes of gold fish apart or 1 horse & jockey apart! Whatever it is, be sure to remain 6 feet apart when social distancing and remember to stay healthy! Let’s all do our part to help slow the spread and keep our community safe.

It’s About All of Us! Don’t Be That One Person. Follow the Guidelines

It’s about all of us! Save others by wearing your mask. Wearing a mask or face covering minimizes yours and other’s exposure to COVID-19. Don’t be that one person and remember to be socially responsible by following health and safety guidelines. Let’s continue to do our part by working together to keep each other healthy and safe!


The Big Fresno Fair Reinvents Itself as a Series of Drive-Thru & Virtual Fair Experiences

Adversity brings the opportunity for innovation. Amid the health concerns with COVID-19, The Big Fresno Fair is reinventing itself as a series of drive-thru and virtual Fair experiences with the goal to bring a bit of joy to the community, while still doing its part to protect public health and safety. Plans continue to be developed for approval by the Fresno County Department of Public Health.


To read the full press release with more details on the reimagined Fair experience, click here.


Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Emergency Training

Did you know that not only are fairgrounds a part of an emergency response plan, but they also help prepare first responders for an emergency. Fairgrounds are used to simulate emergency situations and train those on the frontline of defense to better equip them in the event of a real crisis.


It’s so amazing to see all the ways fairgrounds serve their communities as we continue to celebrate Fairgrounds Appreciation Month!

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Shelters

Fairgrounds are home to some of the largest annual celebrations in their communities. Fairgrounds are also home to people (and animals!) displaced during natural disasters like wildfires. These temporary shelters are critical to the emergency response efforts.


This is one of the many reasons fairgrounds are important to the communities they reside in. We are grateful for our family of fairs/fairgrounds – especially during Fairgrounds Appreciation Month!

Fairgrounds Appreciation Month – Medical/Testing Site

We’ve said it before…fairgrounds throughout California and the nation are utilized as emergency response locations in times of crisis, be that warming or cooling centers, temporary fire command stations and more. In the time of the COVID-19 health crisis, many fairgrounds are playing a vital role serving as medical test sites and temporary medical facilities.


In times of uncertainty like now, one thing is certain – fairgrounds in communities around the nation stand ready to serve their communities. Let make sure they are around in years to come!


During May in honor of the Fairgrounds Appreciation Month, take a moment and reflect on all that fairgrounds contribute to your community.