It’s National Something on a Stick Day!

Nothing says fair food like food on a stick! Happy National Something On a Stick Day! Have you tried the Chicken in a Waffle on a Stick from Chicken Charlies? Be sure to try it out at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair! What’s your favorite food on a stick to eat while visiting The Big Fresno Fair?


Let’s all do our part to keep social distancing NOW and follow good healthy habits so we can curb this virus and see you all at the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!

Fair Food Friday- Hot Cheeto Baked Potato

In case you missed it, the Hot Cheeto frenzy was at an all-time high during the 2019 Big Fresno Fair! Today’s Fair Food Friday spotlight shines lights on the spicy Hot Cheeto Baked Potato, a perfect blend of chamoy, cheese, Hot Cheetos and sour cream from Corn Stars. Can’t wait to taste all the yummy Fair food our concessionaires have planned for the 2020 Big Fresno Fair!

This Weeks Fair Food Friday Highlight is Acevedo’s Postreria Gourmet

Locally-owned, Acevedo’s Postreria Gourmet will serve their delicious dulces at the 2019 Big Fresno Fair! Get your hands on one of their mouthwatering Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissants, or try out one of their signature espresso drinks! How do you cure your sweet tooth?