Competitive Exhibitor Highlight – Ryan Cox

Looking for some inspiration on what to create for the 2020 Big Fresno Fair Competitive Exhibits? Check out one of our exhibitors, Ryan Cox, who has entered into The Big Fresno Fair’s Competitive Exhibits for the past four years. At the 2019 Big Fresno Fair, Ryan submitted his hard-to-forget art piece titled “Ursus Kodiak,” which was an 11 ft. tall bear made completely of metal located in the Fine Arts & Photography building. The project took approximately 125 hours to complete. It has a “skeleton” of sorts with “fur” to cover it. There are over 16,000 individual cuts of metal in total! You can find this amazing work of art now located in Iron Mountain by the Pavilion Stage.


This year, Ryan will be entering three new projects for the 2020 Big Fresno Fair’s Competitive Exhibits. Be on the look-out for a 6’8” Gladiator, Chewbacca from Star Wars and an oversized African lion located in the Fine Arts & Photography building! Entering pieces into the Fair is an exciting way for him to see people’s reactions as they take a look at his one-of-a-kind art pieces. Showing art at the Fair for him is a great way to help gain exposure from thousands of people who cross paths with his pieces of art.


Some words of advice from Ryan, “I would encourage people to enter for pretty much the same reasons – the chance to display your work, possibly sell it, the value and to be a part of the arts community.”


It’s that time for YOU to start getting creative and let your hands work their magic! The Competitive Exhibits Handbook is now available online. Deadline for online entries is Monday, September 14. Deadline for hard entries is Friday, September 11. Questions? Call our Exhibits Office at (559) 650-3213. For more details, click here.