Commercial Vendors & Concessionaires

The Big Fresno Fair hosts more than 300 different vendors, including home and self improvement items, sporting goods, collectibles, spas, information booths and much more! Please see below if you are interested in having space at the 2017 Big Fresno Fair or contact our Exhibits Office at (559) 650-3213. 

2017 Fair-Time Commercial - Concessions & Interim Events Application
2017 Health Department Form Application
2017 Credit Card Charge Form

Rates for Concessions vary depending on products and location. Contact the Exhibits Office at (559) 650-3213 for more information.

2017 Free Speech Area Application 

Mail Commercial & Concession Applications to:
Exhibits Office - Attn: Linda Hulet
The Fresno Fairgrounds
1121 S. Chance Avenue
Fresno, CA 93702

The deadline for those who want to go out to bid for a stand is March 31st. Please contact the Exhibits department in writting for information about location bidding.

For more information, contact the Exhibits Office at (559) 650-3213.