Environmental Responsibility


The Big Fresno Fair has taken enormous strides to build its “Clean & Green” Program and become a more environmentally-friendly partner and this year is no different! The Fair’s “Clean & Green” Program was started in 2006 and includes:

Water Conservation Program: Given the current drought situation in California, The Big Fresno Fair has been focused on doing its part to conserve water. From new Drought Resistant Landscaping areas to adjustments in the Livestock Pavilion and more, the Fair is taking great steps to not only conserve water but to educate the public. See all the ways the Fair is conserving water here.

LED Lights: In 2011, the Fair made the decision to switch to LED lights in order to provide brighter and more energy-efficient lighting options for Fairgoers and interim rental guests to enjoy. The project was completed in 2013 with new lights added throughout the grounds including 16 Wall Mounts, 185 Bar Lights, 1,500 Individual Lights, 10 Spot Lights, 25 20-foot Strip Lights and 185 Street Lights throughout the Fairgrounds. This project totaled about $60,000 in new lighting costs paid for completely by The Big Fresno Fair. This year, a total of 105 energy-efficient lights were added to the Carnival areas and the Administration Office. Since 2011, the Fair’s annual energy usage has decreased by about 75% totaling $40,000 per year in saved energy!

Bicycle Parking:  The Fair will continue to provide bicycle racks for those biking enthusiasts who want to ride to the Fair and help spare the air. The bicycle racks are located in the Chance Avenue parking lot!

Pervious Concrete: First added in 2009, this type of concrete allows water to seep through back to the water tables quicker. The Fair has placed this pervious concrete in front of the Brian I. Tatarian Grandstand, one of our highest traffic areas!   

Rubber Recycling: Nearly 13,000 tires were saved from being dumped into California landfills by the Fair utilizing various tire-derived rubber flooring products that were installed around the Fairgrounds. This project was made possible by a $400,000 grant from the California Integrated Waste Management.

Solar Panels: In 2007, a $5 million photovoltaic system project was installed at the Fairgrounds that includes more than 14,000 solar panels. One of the largest solar panel projects in the entire Fair industry, the solar panels help produce 800KW of its own electricity daily! It costs about $25,000 annually in order to maintain the solar panels, but the Fair saves over $100,000 annually on its energy bill by using this energy-efficient technology.

Comprehensive Recycling Program: The Big Fresno Fair has a comprehensive recycling program that collects cardboard, paper and plastic year-round, as well as concrete, oil, grass clippings, tree trimmings and much more, saving an incredible amount of waste from our landfills. The Fair also recycles the vegetable oil from food vendors’ fryers during the annual Fair! Plus, in 2014, the Fair added food waste recycling to divert even more trash!

Electronic Recycling: In 2006, the Fair became the first fairground facility in California to serve as a collection site for electronic waste. It is illegal to dump electronic waste into landfills, so the Fair provides a convenient and free place for Fresno County residents to dispose of their electronic waste throughout the year at special recycling events. To date, the Fairgrounds has collected over 133 TONS of e-waste.

Grounds Improvements: The Fair has planted more than 6,500 new trees and installed more than two and a half miles of pop-up sprinklers, which has helped reduce the amount of dust in the environment and cut down on the amount of water used to keep the dust out of the air.

Shuttle Services: Transportation to and from the Fair is provided from Clovis through the Fair’s Park & Ride Program. The shuttle service program started in 2006 and has gained popularity as the easiest way to travel to the Fair!

Chemical Free Cleaners: In 2008, the Fair started using specialized cleaners that are significantly less damaging to the environment than normal cleaners. The Fair uses 100% recycled paper towels and toilet paper.