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Danzantes Yoztaltepetl

Date: Oct 09, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Danzantes Yoztaltepetl… Grupo Yoztaltepetl originated in Mexico City, Mexico. With immigration, the founder Gloria Guerero started a small group in the 90’s with her two sons in Clovis, California. One son was the drummer, and the other son was the dancer.

After the passing of her eldest son, Gloria continued to share her culture with the community. She encouraged young and old to become part of the balance in the circle of prayer. Till this day, Gloria has maintained her humble circle available and open to the community.

Right now, members of the group range from pre-teen to their 70’s and they love it that way! After all, age is just a number. Danzantes Yoztaltepetl will love to share a little bit of culture with this community during the Big Fresno Fair.

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