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Lanky the Clown

Date: Oct 10, 2021

Lanky the Clown… one exposure to the warm characters created by Danny Kollaja, aka Lanky, the Clown will quickly make the average patron understand why this dedicated professional is an Award-Winning performer. Lanky is joined by "The Smile Inspector" and "Sheriff Shorty" for his visits to your event. To these portrayals Kollaja has recently added a stilted Uncle Sam character and a stilted, non-clown (Wild West) Marshall Slim and 10’ pirate character.

The depth of Lanky the Clown’s performances allows him to work a wide range of audiences from small children's events and family events to night club performances. Venues have ranged from county and state fairs and festivals across North America to International Fairs (Japan). In addition, international goodwill clowning tours and church clowning are part of his dedication to the art. He has repeatedly toured Russia and Guatemala and has recently toured Afghanistan and Cambodia as part of an International Coalition of Clowns put together by renown Medical Doctor, Patch Adams. The concept was to take the simple universal language of clowning to the children of that war torn country. Thousands of children were visited, many in hospitals and orphanages. This tour was undertaken at great risk to the thirty or so clowns from around the world that took part in it. Most of the tour participants returned to their home counties feeling enriched for the opportunity. Any agent is proud to be associated with someone that shares his gifts with the community, even the world community. This integrity is what you get when you engage this dedicated performer.

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