Fair Policies

It is the mission of The Big Fresno Fair to celebrate, educate and have fun. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Fair patrons, the following policies are in place:

It is the policy of the 21st District Agricultural Association (District) aka "The Big Fresno Fair” that no person who enters District property is allowed to carry or possess a handgun, firearm, knife, or other weapon of any kind regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not.  

The only exception to this policy will be police officers, security guards or other qualified persons who have been given written authorization by the District to carry a weapon on the property.

In order to protect the safety, security, privacy, and property interests of the 21st District Agricultural Association (21st DAA dba “The Big Fresno Fair”), its employees, agents, contractors, and the public, any operation or use of unmanned aircraft systems, remote or radio controlled model aircraft of all types, shapes, and sizes, or any other similar type devices (collectively “Drones”) is strictly prohibited on the premises of the 21st DAA or within the 21st DAA’s air rights, without prior written approval from the 21st DAA.  Please be advised that violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from the premises of the 21st DAA and may subject the violator to a criminal trespass warning, or arrest for those who fail to comply.