Fair Policies - FAQs

New Fair Admission Policies

Q:    Will high school students who are age 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian on Friday or Saturday nights after 7 p.m.?
A.    No – only minors (under the age of 18) MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian aged (21 OR OLDER) in order to come to the Fair after 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q:    Can I drop my teenager off at the Fair and not come in with them on Friday and Saturday nights after 7 p.m.?
A.    No.  You must be present when they enter the ticket booth and once your identification has been checked, you can either enter the Fairgrounds with them or exit at that point.

Q:     What happens if a teen under 18 removes their wristband on Friday and Saturdays?
A.    All guests will be provided a wristband on Friday and Saturdays and required to keep it on while inside of the Fairgrounds or a safety professional may stop you and you may be asked to leave the Fair.
Q:    How many minors is a parent or guardian (21 OR OLDER) allowed to escort to the Fair after 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights?
A.    Adults are allowed to escort up to EIGHT (8) minors into the Fair on Friday and Saturday nights after 7 p.m.

Q:    If I come earlier in the day on a Friday or Saturday and want to come back that evening do I have to buy a new ticket/get a new wristband?
B.    No. If you know you are going to leave grounds and come back later, you will need to get a hand stamp at the Infield, Butler or Chance Gates. No hand stamps will be issued at the Kings Canyon Gate. Your wristband and hand stamp will allow you re-entry at the Infield, Butler or Chance Gates later in the day up to 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q:    I’ve been coming to the Fair for years. Why is there a new weekend admission policy now?
A.    The new weekend admission policies were put in place to ensure that each of our paying guests has the most enjoyable and safe experience possible. They are also important to help our staff to manage the large crowds that fill the Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q:    How do the Fair youth admission policies compare to those of similar venues?
A.    In recent years, many entertainment venues and even shopping malls have implemented stricter policies in regards to minors on their grounds in the evenings.

The Fair has always had a Zero Tolerance stance on negative and disruptive behavior – the new policy puts this stance into words to better illustrate our intent on keeping the Fairgrounds a family-friendly venue for our entire community to enjoy.

Fair Code of Conduct

Q:    Why does the Fair have/need a Code of Conduct?
A.    The Fair has always believed in having a safe, fun, family-friendly environment for our guests. However, not all of our guests choose to follow what has long been an unwritten code of conduct. In light of this, The Big Fresno Fair chose to institute a Code of Conduct and encourage the public to view it prior to visiting our annual Fair to know and understand what is expected of them.
Q:    Are there any new safety measures in place at the Fair?
A.    Yes. We have installed additional video cameras on the grounds that will be monitored by the Fresno Police from their office on grounds. Please Note: our Code of Conduct is a firm set of rules for our patrons to follow while on the Fairgrounds. Patrons who choose not to adhere to the Code may be removed from the grounds.

Q:    Are there any safety concerns that are affecting this year’s Fair?
A.    The Fair does its best to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all of our guests.
Our entire Fair team encourages all guests to share any concerns they have with safety professionals, our Fair Management Team, or to contact/write customer service with information you would like to share.