Nowhere Near

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Nowhere Near was originally formed in 1996 by Kurt Arthington (vocals & guitar) and Joe Casalduc (guitar). In 2005, Ray Anaya (drums) and in 2006, Robert 'Bones' Malone (bass) completed the current line up. The band stays dedicated to it's 'no covers' attitude and is an all original rock band. With rock; blues; funk; and hard rock influences - the band has released five CDs in its history and has a large catalog of music to play any kind of show. The band can provide it's own 1200 watt PA system.

Recorded Work:
1997 - Where We Want To Be
1998 - Burn (unreleased)
2005 - Reborn on a Sunday
2008 - Ghost in a Wherehouse
2012 - Sin Regret

Venues Played:
Fresno Tattoo Convention 2012
Monsterfest 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; and 2011
Big Fresno Fair 2011
Battle to Blazefest Finals - Starline - Fresno 2011
Pomegranite Festival - Merced 2010
Downtown Music Festival - Merced 2009
12 Galaxies - San Francisco - Bodog Competition
Rockit Room - San Francisco - Emergenza Festival Semi Finals
Fresno Clubs including Starline; Next Bar; Babylon; and Jimbos
Merced Clubs including The Star Club; The Partisan; R-Bar; La Cascada; and O'Ryleighs
Fat Cat Music House & Lounge - Modesto
La Grange Saloon - La Grange
Outpost Saloon - Waterford
Out of Bounds - Atwater


Nowhere Near Rocks

One of the best original bands in the valley. Vote for these guys and they'll prove it to you. I've seen them in different settings and they always deliver.

Nowhere Near will rock the Fresno Fair again for 2012.

Thats 1 out of 6 votes, 5 more to go. Hope we can get you guys there again this year! ROCK ON!!!

From: Faceless Won

Good luck

Hope to see you plat there.

band contest

Want to see Nowhere near

What a great job by a

What a great job by a favorite son!!

Nowhere Near Rocks!!


Walter Gallo and Dick Clark Vote "Nowhere Near" Best In Valley!

Nowhere Near Best Band in the Valley!! How about Bones Malone and the rest of his band!! All of them are Great Americans!! Have you heard their song "Over There" ?!?! Dedicated to the troops "over there" fighting for our freedom so we can attend The Big Fresno Fair have a cold one and listen to our favorite band "Nowhere Near"! Great lyrics and great melody!! I love it!! One for the Corps!!
BooYah!! - Waltah

"Yah, I agree Walt, This band "Nowhere Near" should be headlining! I'm gonna call Seacrest right now to see if they can make an appearance on my "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve" bash on ABC to help us rock in the new year. If you know someone in the band Walt I sure could use some help contacting them. Nowhere Near definitely the best in the Valley!"
All the best, - Dick Clark

Fresno Fair, You guys gotta be there!

That time of year once again. Gotta give the vote to Nowhere Near. Hope you make it again this year. You deserve it! Rock on! ~Faceless Won

NN Army

We salute the courageous men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. America Rocks!!!