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Dalton King | Sierra 4-H

Meet Dalton King, a Sierra 4-H student who is a 6th grader at Foothill Elementary School:

"Hello, my name is Dalton King. I go to Foothill Elementary where I am in the 6th grade and I CAN NOT wait to GO back to school when COVID is over – SOON I hope. I miss school a lot, I really miss my friends but most of all I miss my Travel Baseball Team and playing Baseball! Sports is my favorite thing to do and showing my animals is a close second. I also love fishing and camping. I am the Flag Bearer in my 4-H Club – The Sierra 4-H Club. I am in the Beef, Goat and Shooting Sports groups.

Our family LOVES animals and we really like to show them. I have THE PERFECT GOAT for you!! Doofy is the best and he has been SO much FUN to raise. When everything fun couldn’t happen it was so good that I got to have Doofy. He is a lot like me …… kind of a spaz ….. he runs all over and loves to play chase. I also get to show my breeding heifer, Hot Donna, at jackpot shows. Her name fits her perfectly because she likes to be a little hot head – she doesn’t get that from me!

I got to show her at the Red Wave Classic the Fresno State Jackpot and then at the Cal Poly Western Bonanza. The best part of Hot Donna was working with my dad and uncle Zeb to decide what kind of bull to breed her to. I got to choose the one I liked so we will see what her calf looks like this spring. So hopefully you can tell that I LOVE Baseball, goats, cows and most of the time my Family.

Doofy joined The King Family in June and we have had a lot of FUN since day one! He was bred by Eric McDaniel from McDaniel Livestock and Doofy and Eric are a lot alike – they both talk a lot J The first few weeks we had Doofy he yelled a lot but then I learned it was because he wanted to hangout more. Each day I work him and he’s a pretty big guy, he weighs 100lbs and I only weigh 75 so sometimes he gets away from me or drags me ….. we’ve turned it into a game J. Most of all I have kept him fed, watered and cleaned – he loves bathtime.

Doofy will be at the Fresno Fair Grading event and then go through the Fresno Fair Virtual Livestock Sale. The sale this year will be on-line only because of COVID ….. I miss the Fair."

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