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Hannah Rusconi | Blossom Trail 4-H

Meet Hannah Rusconi, a Blossom Trail 4-H student who is a 7th grader at Fairmont Elementary School. Here's what Hannah's 4-H advisor has to say about her:

"Hannah Rusconi is 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Fairmont Elementary School in Sanger. This is Hannah’s 5th year in 4-H and she is a member of Blossom Trail 4-H club. Hannah is serving her second year on the executive board at Blossom Trail 4-H, this year she was elected to the office of Reporter. Hannah has been going to dairy goat shows since she was little and began showing goats as soon as she could walk around the ring with one. She joined 4-H for the dairy goat project and currently serves as a junior leader for the project. She enjoys teaching others about this animal that she loves.

Hannah and her sister raise a small herd of alpine dairy goats at their home. Hannah works with these goats every day, twice a day. Each morning and evening, she milks, feeds, waters and cleans up after her goats. This year Hannah will be selling a dairy replacement doe in the auction on October 3rd and a dairy market goat in the virtual auction. Hannah’s replacement doe is a Nubian/Oberhasli Recorded Grade dairy goat named Finnola. Her dairy market goat is one that Hannah bred and helped to deliver. He is an alpine named Thor."

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