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Oscar Glass | Sierra 4-H

Meet Oscar Glass, a Sierra 4-H student who is a 6th grader at Foothill Elementary. Here's what Oscar's 4-H advisor has to say about him:

"Oscar Glass is 11 years old and in the 6th grade at Foothill Elementary in Prather. He lives with his sister Adieson and his Mom and Dad in Auberry.

Oscar joined Sierra 4-H when he turned nine years old with a single goal...to show a goat. His mom and dad encouraged him to pick a hog just like his sister, but Oscar was adamant that he was a goat boy. Oscar is currently raising Doughnuts, a boer goat, and Sprinkles, a prospect breeding project. He enjoys spending time with his goats, working and preparing for future shows as well as conditioning and working on his goat hair and appearance.

Recently Oscar and the Glass family were evacuated due to the Creek Fire, having his goats with him to work and spend time with were just the ticket to keeping Oscar secure and focused instead of fretting about his home.

Last year Oscar won first place in Showmanship for his 4-H age group, this year his goals include keeping that showmanship title and finishing in the top three of his market class. Oscar plans to continue his 4-H career in meat goats by going to at least one more show next year and hopefully planning the breeding and raising of the next goat he brings to the Fresno Fair.

Oscar says that his favorite part of the Fresno Fair is hanging out with his friends in the barn and showing their animals together."

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