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Tristen Nelms | Fresno-Central FFA

Meet Tristen Nelms, a Fresno-Central FFA student who is a senior at Central West High School. Here's what Tristen's FFA advisor has to say about him:

"Tristen Nelms is a senior at Central High School-West campus. This will be his second year showing goats at the Fresno Fair. Tristen likes to say that “FFA saved my path in high school." A troubled freshman, Tristen had to learn the hard way that failing grades and trips to the vice principal’s office were not the way to succeed. At the recommendation of a friend, Tristen signed up to show a market goat with the FFA. It was in the goat barn that Tristen found his gift for working with animals. He quickly joined the breeding team and was put in charge of caring for the herd of boer breeding and boer does at the school farm. He single handling tamed (and named!) every single goat in the breeding herd and was a vital part of caring for them during their labor. He ensured all kids had a strong start in life. He even helped assist with the birth of his 2020 Fresno Fair boer market wether, Dojo. He can often be found working in the goat barn or spending time with the breeding does in the pasture.

Tristen also helps tend to the eleven acre orchard located on the school farm at Central High School. He assists with watering, maintenance, and harvesting of the crops. He has learned extensively about vineyard operations, watermelons, pumpkins, and almonds. He has even decided to pursue a career in agriculture after graduation.

Tristen is a true success story of Fresno-Central FFA. We are proud of you!"

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