The Offspring
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The offspring

TIME: 7:00 P.M.
TICKET PRICES: $62 | $52 | $47

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Having sold over 40 million records worldwide, The Offspring is one of the best-selling punk rock bands in history. They are also often credited—alongside fellow California punk bands Green Day, NOFX, Bad Religion, Rancid and Blink-182 —for reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the 1990s. Debuting in 1989, edgy-punk band The Offspring released their self-titled album, and followed with a six-week tour through the United States. In 1992, the group went back to the studio to record their second album Ignition, and went on U.S. tours with Pennywise and NOFX. Two years later, The Offspring released their third album, Smash, which featured hit singles "Come Out and Play," "Self Esteem" and "Gotta Get Away" propelling them into rock stardom. The album was a huge success, setting the all-time record for most units sold by an independent label band at 16 million records and went on to certified 6x Platinum in the United States.

Fast forward nearly over 25 years and seven albums later, The Offspring released their 10th album Let the Bad Times Roll (2021) and planted their punk rock flag in the sand once again! Within seconds into the album, the sound is recognizable - the rumbling bass lines, the thundering drums, breakneck guitar riffs that explode out of the speakers and that voice, a searing howl equal parts snarl and desperation – this is The Offspring! The material on Let the Bad Times Roll was written and recorded at various times over eight years, in collaboration with mega producer Bob Rock. The album contains some of Holland’s most direct and intense lyrics to date with “Army of One” and “Breaking These Bones.”

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