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Fresno County Historical Museum

History matters. Education matters. It is our responsibility to not only preserve and protect Fresno County’s rich history but showcase it at the largest annual event in the Central Valley and a year round venue for the public to enjoy and learn from. Fresno County has a lot to be proud of and we need to preserve and tell its stories."
– John C. Alkire, CEO, Friends of the Big Fresno Fair

In 2015, the Fresno County Historical Museum, an extension of the award-winning Big Fresno Fair Museum, debuted making it the only museum of its kind to showcase the vast history of Fresno County. It provides a place where generations of Valley residents can reflect and learn about key events, studying interesting aspects of Fresno County’s rich history. One of the biggest capital improvement projects in the last decade at the Fairgrounds, the $3.2 million, 14,000 sq. ft. two-story building showcases everything from public safety and military to boxing and racing history, plus a celebration of the cultures that make Fresno County so unique!


The Fresno County Historical Museum is open year-round by appointment. During the annual Big Fresno Fair the Museum is open daily until 8 p.m., with the exception of the 2nd floor, which closes at 5:30 p.m.


The Museum has handheld, voice-activated tours for guests to allow for social distancing inside the Museum. To reserve your tour appointment, click on the “Book A Tour” button and fill out the form. Then we will contact to you to confirm. To finalize your confirmation, we do require a $20 deposit. Your deposit will be returned upon your arrival for the tour.

Museum Features

First Floor

Second Floor

Neon Sign Collection

History of Boxing Exhibit

Donations & Sponsorships

The Fresno County Historical Museum will only be as good as the community wants it to be, so we need your continued help.
- John C. Alkire, CEO, Friends of the Big Fresno Fair

The Fresno County Historical Museum is free to the public, but donations to support its operation are welcomed and strongly encouraged. You can easily donate online below to support the preservation and continued expansion of exhibits at the Fresno County Historical Museum. For sponsorships, please contact Lauri King directly at (559) 650-3228 or lking@fresnofair.com.


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