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Safety & Security Measures

The Big Fresno Fair is the largest annual event in the Central Valley and the fourth largest in the State of California, attracting more than 500,000 visitors during the 12-day event. As such, the Fair’s top priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for families to enjoy. This is a huge responsibility, which The Big Fresno Fair Management Team takes very seriously. Additionally, the Fresno Fairgrounds is a rental facility to more than 250 events throughout the year – the Fair extends that same dedication to health and safety for each of those community events.

Fresno Police Department

The Big Fresno Fair contracts annually with the Fresno City Police Department (FPD) to oversee and work in conjunction with other Fair security operations to ensure the safety of our Fair patrons. The Big Fresno Fair works year-round with the Fresno Police Department to develop a comprehensive security plan and then meets throughout the year with all safety partners to discuss the implementation of that plan. Key security elements include, but are not limited to:

  • On-site and perimeter patrol by uniformed and undercover FPD Officers, supplemented by Fresno County Probation Officers, canine units, mounted patrol and the Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium (MAGEC).
  • Walk-through metal detectors (added in 2019)
  • 89 surveillance cameras covering the entire Fresno Fairgrounds viewable from the Fair’s on-site Police Command Station, in addition to FPD surveillance cameras on the exterior of the Fairgrounds
  • Youth Admissions Policy instituted in 2017 (read more here)
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

Fresno County Department of Public Health

The Big Fresno Fair collaborates with the Fresno County Department of Public Health in a variety of ways from public education to operational plans. The Fair worked closely with the Fresno County Department of Public Health on all health and safety plans. Additionally, the Fair works closely with the Environmental Division of the Fresno County Department of Public Health to ensure all food and drink vendors comply with the regulations as specified in the California Health and Safety Code. Inspections are conducted before the Fair, as well as throughout its 12-day run.

Fresno County Private Security

Contracted to work in conjunction with and augment other contracted Fair security to ensure the safety of patrons.

American Ambulance

Contracted to have a physical presence on grounds, providing emergency medical response for Fairgoers in need. Not only do they provide medical attention for Fairgoers, but they also provide services at the Fair’s horse racing track.

California Fair Services Authority (CFSA)

Each year, The Big Fresno Fair works closely with the California Fair Services Authority (CFSA), a not-for-profit joint powers authority in Sacramento offering member services including: safety specialists, risk pool management, loss control expertise, claims adjusting, accounting and more. CFSA inspectors work with the Fair to ensure the safety of all buildings and attractions in an effort to make the Fair a safe place to visit.

Wagner Consulting Group

Butler Amusements, the Fair’s carnival provider, contracts with Wagner Consulting Group to provide a third party inspection of all carnival rides. The company conducts ride inspections during the carnival set up, making sure the rides continue to operate properly and safely.

State Fire Marshall’s Office & Fresno City Fire Department

The Big Fresno Fair works closely with the State Fire Marshall to ensure there are no fire hazards at the Fair and that all buildings are within fire safety compliance. Additionally, the Fair works with the Fresno Fire Department to ensure there is a quick response plan in place should there be an emergency.

Livestock Veterinarian

The Big Fresno Fair contracts with a licensed veterinarian, Stephanie Murphy DVM, to be on-site during the 12-day run of the Fair. Dr. Murphy oversees the inspection of animals prior to Fair when they are being off-loaded to ensure they are healthy when they arrive. Then she continually monitors animals during the Fair to ensure they remain healthy and addresses any concerns brought to her attention by their 4-H and FFA owners.

Horse Racing Track Veterinarian

The Big Fresno Fair contracts with a California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) approved veterinarian to be on-site during the 12-day run of the Fair. Veterinarian F.G. Franklin DVM and Sarah Sporer DVM Track and Fitness Veterinarian inspect each and every horse prior to racing to ensure it is without injury and is in good health to race.
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