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Friends of The Big Fresno Fair – the Fair’s non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation – has been working behind the scenes for more than a decade to raise millions of dollars in support of the Fair! The Friends of The Big Fresno Fair focus on support of the Fair’s vast educational programs, its preservation work with the two museums and continued improvement of the Fairgrounds for future generations to enjoy.

Friends of The Big Fresno Fair operates with an eleven-person Board and boasts more than 60 members.

News Update!

Visionary Fair CEO John Alkire to transition to the Friends of the Big Fresno Fair as its new CEO on September 1, 2020 to elevate fundraising to support long term success of the Fair. Current Big Fresno Fair Deputy Managers, Stacy Rianda and Lauri King will remain at the helm overseeing all ongoing operations to lead the Fair into the future.

The management restructuring is part of the Fair's strategic plan to elevate fundraising efforts to achieve long term financial independence and success for the 137-year-old Fresno County tradition; an essential function with added emphasis amid the pandemic, which as significantly minimized normal Fair business operations since March. To read the full press release, click here.

Support Friends of the Big Fresno Fair

There are many exciting new projects on the horizon for Friends of The Big Fresno Fair that currently in search of support! If you are interested in donating to support Friends of The Big Fresno Fair and various programs of The Big Fresno Fair, including the museums, then you should become a "friend"! See the donation form below and email it, along with any questions to lking@fresnofair.com.

Meet the current Friends of The Big Fresno Fair Board

Brian I. Tatarian
Serving Since 2003

Tim Bakman
Serving Since 2014

Brent Wilson
Serving Since 2018

Mike Kludjian
Vice President
Serving Since 2009

Nat DiBuduo
Serving Since 2003

Chris Pacheco
Serving Since 2003

Louis Brosi
Serving Since 2012

Debbie Jacobsen
Serving Since 2020

Brad Stevens
Serving Since 2008


John C. Alkire


Friends of The Big Fresno Fair Meeting Dates

Friends of The Big Fresno Fair Supported Projects

If you have questions about Friends of The Big Fresno Fair, please contact John Alkire at: jalkire@fresnofof.org.

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