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Competitive Exhibits

Virtually Showcasing The Best Of Fresno County

The Big Fresno Fair is proud to continue to showcase the incredible talent and hard work of Fresno County residents through our new virtual competitive exhibits program! Please view our updated Handbook below and find a category (or two, or five!) to participate in! We want you to take part in this incredible tradition, despite it looking a bit different this year! So enter your project to win a coveted blue ribbon and most importantly, showcase your talents at the Fair!

Since there is not a physical Fair this year due to COVID-19, we will be displaying top award-winners on our website for all of our community to enjoy.

View the Top 2020 Competitive Exhibits Winners

For ALL LIVESTOCK ENTRIES, please click here to continue the entry process.

For all other competitive entries, please follow the instructions below:

Download the New 2020 Virtual Competitive Exhibits Handbook
Want a little bit of time to review the categories of the new 2020 Big Fresno Fair Virtual Competitive Exhibits? Then download the Handbook now and review all categories. Know there are categories that unfortunately just couldn't make the transition to virtual - but there are plenty of others to participate in!

Ready to Enter? Then Submit Online!
You can view the new 2020 Big Fresno Fair Virtual Exhibitor Handbook online AND then enter your projects while never leaving your house! Ready, set, GO! Deadline to enter is September 14.

Submit Online Here

All entries MUST be submitted online. Due to COVID-19, there will be no options to drop off or submit entries in person.

Thank you for your interest in The Big Fresno Fair's Competitive Exhibits. Questions? Please call Stacy Rianda at (559) 650-3211.
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