Dayne Carter | Fairmont 4-H
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Dayne Carter | Fairmont 4-H

Meet Dayne Carter, a Fairmont 4-H student who is in the 8th grade at Fairmont Elementary:

Dayne joined 4-H when she was 6 following in her brothers' footsteps! She showed Pygmy Goats as a Primary Member. She has always loved animals and was the best pig assistant to her brother. As soon as she was old enough, she began showing pigs of her own and has excelled in the show ring.

Dayne purchased her Hampshire barrow from Powerhouse Farms in Los Banos in late May and has nurtured and cared for him every step of the way working closely with the pig breeder to ensure Alvin has the best nutrition to carry him to the whopping 260lbs he is now. She loves learning about animal nutrition and how each ingredient effects their growth. Alvin's name fits him, he is a very mischievous guy that like spends most of his time eating, sleeping, or getting into something he shouldn't...

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