Kailey Guzman | Reedley Middle College
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Kailey Guzman | Reedley Middle College

Meet Kailey Guzman, a Sophomore at Reedley Middle College High School:

Kailey love animals. She wants to become a veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals. FFA has opened an opportunity for her to understand livestock animals and their anatomy to help start her off in the veterinary science field. Showing an animal also helps with her mentally and emotionally. Having to let go of your best friend that you’ve been through so many hardships is the toughest thing at the end but it has to be done and in life nothing is permanent. Kailey loves working with my animals, being around them in general, and giving them the best life she can.

This year Kailey has a 130 pound Southdown lamb. She named him Felix after Fix-It Felix from the hit movie Wreck It Ralph. He is really friendly to the point she can trust him not to run off if she lets go of his halter. He has a little attitude at times but it’s what makes him unique. Kailey learned very quickly that he loves to eat, more so he thinks my fingers are snacks.

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