Makayla McGrath | Sierra FFA
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Makayla McGrath | Sierra FFA

Meet Makayla McGrath, a Freshmen at Reedley College:

Makayla joined FFA to help educate the public. She believes there is so much negative and misleading information about agriculture. She loves being able to educate families as they walk throughout the barns. Makayla remembers when she was little, walking around the barns imagining what it was like to be in FFA. When an exhibitor approached her and asked if she wanted pictures or if she had any questions. This interaction made her determined to become involved in agriculture. She tries to help encourage the younger generation become more involved and learn where their food comes from.

This year Makayla is bringing a market hog. Her name is Lola. Lola is a light cross gilt that I bred from my sow. She is very excited to have her as her last Fresno Fair project!

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