Makayla Rajskup | Fairmont 4-H
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Makayla Rajskup | Fairmont 4-H

Meet Makayla Rajskup, a Fairmont 4-H student who is an 6th grader at Fairmont Elementary:

Makayla joined poultry as a primary member, took a break for a couple of years and now back in Poultry full force. She owns bantam birds and enjoys showing them! Rusty is her showmanship bird. 4-H allows for life skills to be taught and be learned while enjoying the journey. This year Makayla is exploring 11 projects excited to further her skills in poultry and Pygmy goats along with learning to sew, food preservation, photography, archery, and so much more. 4-H teaches how to speak in public, work and understand animals, learning life skills to further ones abilities.

Makayla has being showing Poultry and Pygmy goats through out this year. Now it’s time for her 1st auction with her Market Turkey along with a set of laying hens. We are excited for this part of the 4-H journey.

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