Sarah Jenkins | Fowler FFA
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Sarah Jenkins | Fowler FFA

Meet Sarah Jenkins, a Fowler FFA student who is an 11th grader at Fowler High School:

Sarah had an older sibling that was involved in our program, when she started high school she jumped into our program and has been one of our most involved members ever since to the point where she was elected chapter President her Junior Year. This program has helped her grow and to learn valuable lessons and skills and develop a strong sense of self confidence in a very short amount of time. The confidence she learned from showmanship and various competitions in FFA have led her to constantly want to try new teams like fabrication and cotton judging. FFA has aided this student in helping her better understand what type of career field she wants to go into. Having a wide range of experiences in the areas of manufacturing, horticulture, and animal production has helped this student discover new passions like welding or breeding hogs that she would love to make into a career.

This student has a Duroc Cross pig that she bred and delivered herself from her breeder project. Due to unfortunate circumstances this piglet was the sole survivor of the litter. Since then she has worked very hard to train and raise this animal and become a leader amongst the pig team. She has also continued her pig breeding project by replacing her sow with a new one and has already expanded her breeding project to 2 different breeder hogs.
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