Uriel Andrade | Reedley Middle College FFA
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Uriel Andrade | Reedley Middle College FFA

Meet Uriel Andrade, a Reedley FFA student who is a Junior at Reedley Middle College High School:

Uriel strongly believes that the reason he joined the FFA program is because it gets him one step closer to work as a ranch manager. On top of this the Central Valley has many opportunities in the agriculture industry. It's not talked about as much as being a nurse or a firefighter. In all cases Uriel feels that everyone should their hands dirty and help the small communities grow like a family and that's what agriculture is all about. FFA is a family and has gave Uriel and others great opportunities.

This year Uriel has a market ready lamb. The breed is a Hampshire and she is a great animal. Her name is Blossom and Uriel could say that she is perfect for harvest or even as a pet. She has been worked with a lot. The structural shape of her is really great. For Uriel's first year working with a lamb he'd say that it has been very successful. Uriel has learned a lot in the last couple of months.

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