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Facility Rental Application

Booking Process

A completed application is necessary to place a tentative hold for dates. We can hold the tentative dates for approximately one week during which time the application information and references will be researched. If approved, our Venue Rentals Department will notify you that your request has been approved and the amount of deposit required to confirm rental.

COVID-19 UPDATE | Click here for important information regarding COVID-19, its impact on events and how you can do your part to keep you, your family and our community safe.

Event Details


Do you want alcohol served?

Have you previously rented our facilities?


Contact Information


Cancellations must be submitted in writing via email or mail. All deposits are non-refundable.

It is understood that this application is only a request for dates and is not a contractual agreement. The applicable hereby represents that a full and complete disclosure has been made of all information which might be pertinent to The Big Fresno Fair/Fresno Fairgrounds for consideration of this applications, and that all statements are true and correct. By submitting this application, I authorize The Big Fresno Fair/Fresno Fairgrounds to verify any information on this application.
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