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Fair Education Application

Thank you for your interest in the Education Program! We are so excited this incredible educational program is back!

To maximize the students’ experience at the Fair, classes that have signed up receive a special packet in advance, which includes common core standard-based curriculum and suggested activities to integrate into classroom work prior to their educational field trip. Additionally, information about the Fair’s history, new attractions, exhibits, livestock and more, including a tour map, are provided.

IMPORTANT: If your school does not allow out-of-district emails, please use your personal email to ensure you receive our communications.

Teacher Information

(School Phone Number)

Student Information

You will be assigned chaperone
tickets based upon your number
of students.

Preschool (ages 3 & older):
1 chaperone to every 2 students
1 chaperone to every 4 students
1 chaperone to every 4 students
Special Needs:
1 chaperone to 1 student

For each additional chaperone,
there will be tickets available for
$5 and can be purchased at the
Fair Education ticket booths on
Butler Avenue.

Grade Level

Date Information

I Plan On Using The Chance Avenue Gate To Drop Off My Special Needs Students

If you have additional questions, you can contact me direct via email (preferred) or at my office; both are listed below.


Taylor Childers
Fair Education Program Coordinator
(559) 650-3227
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