Language & Traditions
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language and traditions

Language & Traditions


Una nuova lingua è una nuova vita - A new language is a new life.

As one of the world's most beautiful and romantic languages, Italian must be spoken with enthusiasm and flair - and a good amount of hand gesturing! Remembering some simple phrases will make ordering dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant much more enjoyable and fun. Many Italian proverbs revolve around the culture of food, which is not surprising given the love and care with which even daily meals are prepared.

Viva Italia

Card Games

Holiday Traditions

Superstitions & Proverbs

Stories & Traditions from Home

La Lingua / Language

Origins of the Italian Language

Italian Language Lessons

La Famiglia / Family

The Family

Mangiamo / Let's Eat

Gravy vs Sauce

Sunday Dinner

Vignettes About Italian Food

Giovannetti Family Recipes

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