Iron Mountain
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Iron Mountain

Created in 2019, this one-of-a-kind “trash to treasure” art exhibit is located near the Pavilion Stage in the heart of the Fairgrounds. It is made up of 59 different pieces of art that have been welded together from recycled materials – like tractor and car parts!

From a large owl sculpture to a 20-ft. great white shark, goats and waterfalls coming from the grill of an old Chevy Truck, this is an exhibit unlike anything else! Two of the featured pieces are a special Transformer-like sculpture dedicated to longtime Fresno Police Chief (now Mayor of Fresno) Jerry Dyer and an area with a bench and dog sculptures dedicated to former Fresno State football coach Jeff Tedford! The area is generously sponsored by EECU.

Download the Iron Mountain Coloring Pages Here!

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