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2020 Big Fresno Fair Tickets
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Table Mountain Rancheria Park

The Table Mountain Rancheria Park first began its transformation into the whimsical oasis it is today in 2006 with the construction of Fort Fresno. The expansion hasn’t stopped since and this area is now the Valley’s very own amusement park with 10 fun features! It’s a definite must stop for families with kids of all ages!


The “Tractor Tree,” located behind the Pirate Ship by the Paul Paul Theater, stands 32 ft. tall and features 23 various size tractors welded to a metal frame to create a “tree”. Integrated into the design are two tractor cabs in which kids (and adults) can sit in and steer the tractor and pose for pictures! Most importantly it is a great place to learn about the incredible impact of tractors on agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. Surrounding the “Tractor Tree” are storyboards, telling the evolution in farming in the Valley from early mule pulled plows to the modern day tractor, accompanied by an educational video.


All aboard mateys! Let your imagination sail away as you walk the plank, climb the lookout tower and explore this three-story-tall pirate ship from bow to stern. On board, you’ll discover slides, bridges, waterfalls, a treasure room, skeletons, jewels and canons…even a water-spitting pig!


This fun-filled attraction connects to The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree via a bridge. It features an impressive two-story waterfall along with a "catch and release" fishing pond where you can catch real fish with barbless hooks and visit the Bait Shop for all your fishing supplies. You can also test your knowledge and skills at the Wall of Fish Facts! Additionally, each year after the Fair, Catfish Falls is drained and all the fish are donated to the Poverello House in Fresno feeding more than 9,500 people in the past 11 years.


Learn about the vital water system in the Central Valley while discovering loads of fun at The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree. Don’t miss The Water Shed exhibit which utilizes cutting-edge digital projection mapping technology to help teach scientific concepts such as the water cycle, aquifers, groundwater banking and the water table. See and hear the story of how the Central Valley’s landscape changes as its mountains, rivers, farmland, and aquifers experience wet and dry years. Also featured is the Water Map of California’s water system which shows California’s vast water network and how water moves from one part of the State to another. The “Cloud Tank” brought a little bit of Hollywood to the Fair as it was used to film special effects in over 300 movies by Lucas Film; it now displays native fish in a 360 degree viewable tank! As if that’s not enough, The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree also features a “treehouse” to climb through that connects to Catfish Falls via a bridge!


Be sure to stop by Miner’s Town – a two-story rock mountain of fun, complete with mine shafts, coal mining carts, a Wild West saloon facade and an old fashioned water wheel. Pan for real gold just like the ‘49ers did years ago with the Gold Gulch Museum from Coarsegold!


Explore the Wild West at Fort Fresno, the fort built for fun! Located next to the Pirate Ship, this real wood structure includes tree trunks, bridges, slides and other fun features for kids of all ages!


The Big Fresno Fair School House is a replica of Fresno’s first school house. This replica provides a fun place for kids to play and be reminded of Fresno’s unique history.


Don’t miss the exciting Dairyville USA, featuring everything “dairy” including a milk bottle fountain and a methane digester replica.


Located next to Dairyville USA, the Cow Palace Milking Barn features an archway with cow heads that frame the Fair’s educational cow milking station. Stop by during the Fair for the daily milking demonstration and learn how the milk gets from the cow to your fridge!


The Big Fresno Fair Farmer’s Market showcases our region’s top agricultural products such as grapes, tomatoes, garlic, lemons, almonds and more. Imagine tomatoes the size of beach balls, corn that is 23 ft. tall and oranges the size of soccer balls! The Farmer’s Market also features entomology elements with ladybugs, butterflies and larva on display. Plus, it’s a great place to test your knowledge at the wall of “Ag Facts!”
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